Ideas for Covering Dining Room Chairs

If you get a new paint job in the dining room, it is very likely that the old chair covers won’t match the room anymore and so you may be looking for new ideas for covering dining room chairs. There are a lot of designs and types to think about so you just have to find the one that works for you.

Ideas for Covering Dining Room Chairs


Although usually people think about the chair covers that come in only one color, you could go for a combination, for instance for white and orange. Buy fabric that has orange flowers on a white background. This works the best with orange or blue walls, but beige is suitable as well.

Make it Furry

If you don’t mid using out of the box tips for covering dining room chairs, here is one for you: get some furry fabric. This is a good idea only if the dining room is always cool. During the hot summer days the furry fabric may turn out to be quite annoying.

Send a Message

The good thing about the ideas for covering dining room chairs is that you can personalize the fabric. For instance you can print a message on the part that comes on the back of the chair. The simplest thing to do is to have white fabric and print on it in black.

Black and White

When thinking about covering dining room chairs tips you should consider a simple black and white design. Have the cover from top to floor. The entire cover is supposed to be white except for the folds that come around the legs of the chair; these are supposed to be black for a nice effect.

Baby Pink

The truth is that there are only a few people who would actually use this one of the ideas for covering dining room chairs. The point is to have the chairs covered with baby pink fabric and have bows of white ribbon in the back for an enhanced effect.

Badges or Buttons

For fun covering tips for dining room chairs you might add large buttons to the back of the chairs. In the same time you can also use badges. For instance, have three badges on each chair. These are supposed to be monochromatic, but you could choose some colorful ones as well.

Make the best of the ideas for covering dining room chairs you find.


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