Modern Italian Dining Room Furniture

A lot of people imagine the modern Italian dining room furniture as being elaborate and elegant, but you should remember that simple designs can also be stunning.

In fact, the modern style is all about simplicity or even minimalism so this is something to consider when shopping for new furniture.

Modern Italian Dining Room Furniture

Simple contrast

To achieve a modern look, you should have in mind clean lines and nothing more than a table with chairs. A nice addition might be to have a glass chandelier suspended over the dining table. The table should have a darker color, but not too dark; and the image will be complemented by the bright color of the dining chairs.

Breaking up with tradition

The modern furniture of the Italian dining room might have nothing to do with the picture that you have in your mind. Think about blue chairs with aluminum legs, a table in the same style, a large plant in one of the corners, a large painting on the wall and neutral colored walls. Does this sound anything like the picture you imagined?

Back to tradition

Although you might think that this has nothing to do with the modern Italian dining room furniture, sometimes you have to go back to the basics to achieve something great. Think about the brown color scheme, hardwood floors, a massive dining table and dining chairs made of wood and leather.


The mirrors can have an important role to play regarding the modern dining room furniture that is Italian. The best thing about the mirrors is that they make the room look larger. If you happen to have a small dining room, make sure that on one of the walls there is a huge mirror hanging.

A loft

Believe it or not, you have the possibility to add modern Italian dining room furniture to a loft too. In this case it is important to arrange the furniture in a small rectangle so that the areas will be somewhat delimited from each other. Also it is important to have some cohesion between the dining room and the rest of the house.


The modern Italian dining room furniture should be complemented by a lighting fixture. Although usually the table is in the center of attention, with the right fixture, the focus can shift upwards, towards the ceiling.


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