Best Christmas Home Decor Trends 2012

In the majority of the cases people associate Christmas with the red color scheme.

The novelty of the Christmas home décor trends 2012 is that this year there isn’t any red in the hottest color schemes.

It looks like there are other colors dominating the scene that you should consider.

Best Christmas Home Decor Trends 2012

Golden rush

In case you would like your Christmas to have a modern feel to it, make sure that you use the golden and black combination that looks really elegant and sophisticated. To achieve the best results you need a black Christmas tree and a lot of golden ornaments. The white and black plates with golden edges also work wonderfully.

Frozen green

The 2012 Christmas home décor trends come with something really new: the combination of lively green and frosty silver. This way you can make winter and summer meet so why not have the bright green Christmas tree decorate with silvery ornaments. Another option that you have is to have an artificial white tree and decorate it with green Christmas motifs.

Frosty patterns

Another new thing about the Christmas home décor trends 2012 is the turquoise color theme. Although you might think that the colors of the winter frost are too ‘cold’ for the Christmas spirit, you may be amazed by how well they work together. You could also have some violet combined with silver.

Recycled jars

When looking for the 2012 home décor trends for Christmas, you don’t necessarily have to think that you will have to spend a fortune. Gather the things that you don’t think you will use anymore and turn them into Christmas decorations. For instance you may add miniature snowy Christmas trees to old jars and display them on the mantelpiece.

Sheet music

If you happen to have some sheet music lying around that you won’t use anymore, you should know that they can be a part of the Christmas home décor trends 2012. All you have to do is to cut them up and make a garland out of them. You could also display them around the house because people would instantaneously think about the Christmas songs.


Believe it or not the 2012 trends for Christmas home décor have a place for the Scrabble pieces as well. Just display words that have something to do with the holidays, such as Santa or ‘Merry Christmas’.

You should get creative with the Christmas home décor trends 2012 and if you put your mind to it who knows what ideas may come to your mind.


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