Smart Designs for Tile Backsplash in Kitchen

A lot of people think that the designs for tile backsplash in kitchen are old fashioned, but the truth is that they can be just as modern as any other kind of decoration.

The key is to find the backsplash that is just perfect for your kitchen and that is functional in the same time.

Smart Designs for Tile Backsplash in Kitchen

Allow the designs for the kitchen’s tile backsplash to shimmer

If you happen to have white cabinets, you may be on a look out for a contrast and so you can choose miniature stainless steel tiles as the backsplash. These add an industrial edge to the kitchen. Their advantage is that they are eco-friendly and they can be easily cleaned.

Sparkling mosaic backsplash

When thinking about the tile backsplash designs of the kitchen you should know that they could really sparkle. All you need is glass mosaics in white, yellow and grey to create the focal point of the kitchen. This works especially great if you have dark wood cabinets because it adds an urban edge.


The designs for tile backsplash in kitchen can even create an optical illusion. Think about betting gold colored curve tiles and place them in a basked-wave pattern. There is need for backlight and a reflecting surface to create the right illusion of the backsplash.

Go artistic

The kitchen’s tile backsplash designs can have an artistic touch to them. To make sure that the kitchen won’t look outdated, think about using embossed concrete that adds a modern vibe to the room. There are a lot of tools that can be used to achieve different kinds of appearances.

The focal point

When it comes to designs for tile backsplash in kitchen you shouldn’t be afraid to have a backsplash on the entire wall. To make the best of the backsplash you should have low cabinets and the rest of the kitchen should have a neutral color to allow the backsplash to really glow.


To achieve a natural and rich look with the kitchen designs for the tile backsplash, you should think about using marble. This works best if the rest of the kitchen is white because the dark veins of the marble add some color and some contrast to the kitchen. Keep in mind that marble needs proper care.

Usually the designs for tile backsplash in kitchen become the focal point of the kitchen so you should allow the designs to truly shine.


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