What is a TV bed?

The TV bed is becoming increasingly popular in bedroom design. Cleverly creating a panel for a television at the foot of the bed, its innovative, contemporary design has those Hoppen enthusiasts running to their nearest showroom.

For those wanting a touch of elegance and glamor in their bedroom, a television on show simply will not do. Even the most stylish flat-screen wonderment, though perfect for a living room, can make a bedroom appear overtly masculine, verging on tacky. To create a space of calm and serenity, the TV bed can alleviate the presence of the television making the bedroom more aesthetically pleasing.

The initial design of the TV bed uses a mechanical device whereby the television will raise and lower at the push of a button. This style of TV bed is currently at the top end of the market with it high spec finish and mechanics – check out dreams beds for yourself!

If you do not wish to break the bank but still appreciate the idea of having the television at the foot of the bed, there are more affordable alternatives. For example, static TV beds are available on the market. The design includes a fixed board at the end of the bed, creating a backdrop to place a television. These are useful for those trying to make the most of their space.  Despite the reduced costs, the style of the bed still allows for a luxury finish with its impressive design to suit any bedroom.

An alternative, if you do not wish to have the television and board on show, is the latest addition which is the piston TV bed. In replacement of the expensive mechanics at the foot of the bed, there will be the option to have a piston which will allow the television to raise and lower.

Undoubtedly, the TV bed does add a certain excitement to the world of bedroom furniture. Alone, it stands as a stylish and luxurious centerpiece for the bedroom but it also hides or disguises the television which also allows for an overall improvement to the look of the room. And, with different ranges and price brackets, those design enthusiasts can now achieve a high end finish on a budget.


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