Smart 7 Backyard Decorating Tips

Having the perfect decorations for your backyard can be tricky. On the contrary it could be exciting and challenging too depending on how you want to approach it. Here are a few tips that will make your backyard look how you have always wanted it to.

backyard decorating tips

  • Keep the decorations and colours in your backyard sunny or floral. Use lots of yellows, whites and blues. Add in wicker chairs, and lots of plants to give it an airy look. Hang plants in baskets to complete the look. You may place diapers inside your hanging potted plants at the bottom to keep in the moisture and prevent them from drying out.
  • Backyards are often infested with mosquitoes and can get very uncomfortable if you are planning to spend an evening out at the backyard with your friends or family. Grow lemon grass around the yard to make a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Make a DIY water bed on the back porch for your kids to play on. Simply take a large polythene packing bag. Ensure there are no holes in the bag. Seal any possible holes with cellophane tape. Now fill in water inside the bag and seal. Let your kids loll about on this water bed.
  • Take a suet feeder and fill it with scraps of colourful yarn. Hang or keep this on the backyard preferably beside the bird feed. Birds will find this a convenient place to make a nest and you will have natural chirping music to accompany your pensive moods in the backyard.
  • Make stepping stones to decorate the backyard. Collect empty shoeboxes and different shapes of carton boxes. Make a cement paste and pour it in these carton boxes. Before the cement sets in embed few colourful marbles and broken pieces of crockery into this cement solution. Once it sets, the carton box can be torn open to give you designer stepping stones. Place these on strategic places to add colour to your backyard.
  • Drill holes in the wall or fence in your back yard and plug them in with colourful marbles. The sun shining through the marbles will cast magical colourful lights in the back yard.
  • Collect old keys and other discarded items like metal spoons and forks or pipes. Colour these in different shades of bright enamel paint. Hang these with strings to make a wind chime that are at once artistic and adds colour and interest to your backyard.


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