Outdoor Designing Tips for the Summer

Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon or a cool evening after a whole day of work can be made much more interesting and exhilarating if it is in the outdoors. What better place can it be than a tastefully decorated porch or patio of your home? Your outdoor patio or a porch or the poolside can be turned into a beautiful nook for a quiet siesta or an evening with friends or family over wine. Follow some of these simple designing tips to spruce up your outdoors this summer.

outdoor designing tips for the summer

  •  Add a few wicker chairs in your outdoor patio to give it that summery crispy feel. Top these with cushions and pillows in the sunny colours like yellow or white to complete the look.
  • Convert a tree trunk into a centre table. Just smoothen out the rough edges on the top of the trunk and place a glass table top on it. Place this table in the centre of your outdoor seating arrangement to give a natural looking setting.
  • Plant a lot of ferns and palm trees to give shade and also to create a corner that is at once private and naturally green to provide cool comfort from the summer sun. Also add in a few hanging baskets with plants to complete the look.
  • Wooden floorings and recliner armchairs will add a warmth that keeps you cool at the same time. Also, the recliner chairs are the ultimate in spending a lazy afternoon reading or just dreaming in your outdoor patio.
  • Hang curtains in white or cream or even a combination of cool blue and green around your outside covered porch. During the scorching sunny afternoons you could pull these curtains to give you respite from the sun as you sit outside. In the evenings you can gather in the curtains and secure with a tassel string or a pin to let in the cool evening breeze.
  • Keep a couple of mirrors in your small outdoor patio to make it look large and airy. The mirrors can be old window frames fitted with the mirrors for panes. The mirrors will reflect the image of plants you have around the patio and make the place look greener and more inviting.
  • Dress up your outdoor table with a flowered tablecloth, and some fruits and fresh flower arrangements. Add in a few china ware or crystal and you are ready to entertain or feel relaxed.


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