Revamp Your Patio the Smart Way

Bring your patio alive! In case you have a patio, but you aren’t satisfied with it, for example because it is too small, there are some good ideas through which you might make a change.

The size of the patio shouldn’t be a problem. In order to save some money, you might use what you have, and make some extensions. If you have to deal with sloping surface then you might have to create a retaining wall.

Patio Decoration

This might cause some problems when raining, so you should place plastic flexible tubing along the wall to drain the water.

Increasing the size of the patio means that you will have to excavate a certain amount of dirt and then to place the new concrete patio surface.

To do a high quality job, it might be a good idea to fill the excavated surface with crushed limestone and with paver base. In order to achieve a smooth finish, you could rent a hamper and run over the new patio.

The next step is to lay down the concrete pavers and it might be a nice idea to fill the crack between the tiles with river rock. In case you have to cut the tiles to a certain size, you might find a stone dealer to do this job for you.

All there is left to do at this moment is to add a personal touch to the patio. You might do this through adding a wooden table and maybe some plastic chairs. The different materials will add depth to the look of new patio.

You might use any items that you have in order to personalize the space. For example you might turn an old potting bench into a buffet. Such ideas will add personality to your new porch and it will be a joy to spend some time outside.


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