Top 3 Bread Making Machines 2011

Nothing says ‘home’ as the smell of the freshly baked bread. In our days there are only a few households that bake their own bread, while the majority of people prefer to buy the bread from the grocery store.

There are numerous bread making machines that you should take into consideration when looking for such a product.

Bread Making Machines

One of the most popular machines is the Sunbeam 5891. This is a 600 watt product that offers different kinds of programs. In case you use this machine you will have the possibility to make 1, 1.5 or 2 pound bread loaves.

There are 12 cooking functions and also 3 shade functions. You will always see what is happening at the moment on the LED screen and you can set the programs through the touch control panel.

Another product that is worth to be taken into consideration is the Panasonic SD-YD250 automatic bread maker. This machine is able to mix, knead and raise the bread and it bakes 3 different sizes of bread loaf.

It comes with different kinds of settings for white, multigrain, whole wheat, quick and French breads. Along with the machine you will also receive a recipe book that contains 40 different kinds of bread.

The Zojirushi bread making machine is also a popular one. This actually is a dual blade bread machine that offers the bread a rectangular shape and it is able to make 2 pound loaves.

In this case there are only 10 pre-programmed settings and also 3 crust shades. In order for you to know what is happening inside, there is also a large viewing window. The advantage of this product is that it is easy to clean.

Other brands of bread makers that you might like to know about include Cuisinart, Breadman and Oster.


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