The Ceiling Task and What to Expect

When thinking about a new painting job, the majority of the people focus on the floor tiles and the color of the walls, but they tend to totally ignore the ceilings. This is why these areas remain white, which is more than the absence of color.

In case the right color is used, it might add personality to the room and it might ‘hide’ some of the physical drawbacks of the room.

Ceilings Decoration

The white color is usually used because of its neutrality, but in case the room has a low ceiling the white will make it look like its closer than it really is. On the other hand in case of the tall ceilings the white color will make the room feel like it is taller than in reality.

According to professionals the best hue for the ceiling is the one created with one part of the color of the walls and two parts pure white. This way you can be sure that the tones will match.

In case you happen to opt for white walls, you don’t necessarily have to paint the ceiling white as well. You might choose some soft colors, such as sky blue, sunset peach or sunlight yellow, this way offering dimension to the room.

If the room has a tall ceiling and you would like to create the illusion that the ceiling is lower, then you might choose some darker colors, like chocolate, navy or charcoal.

The darker walls will require bright colored ceilings, or you could also use a high-gloss paint that reflects the light. The downside of this kind of paint is that it enhances the flaws of the ceiling.

In case you are thinking about a small room, you might also get a mirror installed on the ceiling that would create the feeling that the room is larger than it really is.


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