Some Hacks For Low-Space Homes

If your home isn’t big enough and neither your pocket to afford a big one, then here are a few interior decoration hacks and advice to make your room seem effectively more spacious and to use the available space more efficiently.

1. Heighten the wall and window ratio

Long size of windowpanes, preferably of glass, lengthens the size of the room from an optical illusory perspective.

2. Install bookshelves that reach up to the ceiling

Keeping bookshelves that span the entire wall of your bedroom and reach up to the ceiling is a fun way to keep your huge collection of books, without taking up floor space or cluttering tables and furniture tops.

3. Use transparent and translucent material for window-less rooms

This is to ensure that the light that is filtered in through the glass windows are reflected and refracted in all the rooms, separated by transparent or translucent partition and brightens up the otherwise dark rooms.

Some Hacks For Low-Space Homes

4. Do not go for multiple walls between two rooms

Smash the walls that divide the bedroom and living room, or drawing room and dining room to create more free space. Use drapery instead for privacy.

5. Add a makeshift loft over the kitchen

This loft will be of great help in a kitchen that is not big enough to make room for a couple of shelves or more. Build a loft attached with a firm ladder and use it as a small storage room for stowing away the kitchen supplies.

6. Use the staircase space

Seen the Harry Potter movies? How he lives at his Uncle and Aunt’s place? What do you think of it? No, you don’t have to move into a soffit of the staircase. However, you can always use a room there or a sort of storage cupboard to hoard your winter garments, blankets and mattresses during summertime.

7. Windows of prefab style are in

Windows in prefabricated style installed in your living room will fill the room with natural sunlight without taking up a lot of space.

8. Play with mirrors

Mirrors located strategically on the walls of your room create the optical illusion of a large amount of space using light and reflection. Mirrors enhance the interior decoration of your room as well.

9. Select low seat furniture

Use furniture of low heights. Use a beanbag instead of a full-length chair, or low tables instead of high-rise ones. Do not stuff your room with unnecessary furniture pieces that eat up all the space and leave no room to even move properly without bumping your toe into one of them.

10. A door cum bookshelf

Replace your bedroom door with a bookshelf with hinges that serves as a door and holds your books as well. Make sure that the shelf has a sliding door of fibre plastic that is not too heavy so that it can be easily used as a door to your room. Refurnish the closet according to your choice.

11. A sofa-cum-bed

This serves as a sofa to sit and a bed to sleep on, all in one. Get one of these fitted into your drawing room as an all-purpose bed when your guests choose to stay in.


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