7 Ideas which will Completely Change your Rental Apartment

If you live in a rented apartment, you might be feeling a couple of constraints on your ability to transform interiors. However, the reality should not discourage you because there are a few decent ways you can change the mundane appearance of the apartment without hurting the sentiments of the landlord.

Home décor is now no longer a thing of the elite—people from all walks of life invest in ensuring that their home serves thebest utility with sufficient beautification.  Now, you do not need to empty your pockets into home decoration because there are a plethora of cost-effective ideas which can effectively transform your home into a good looking one.

In this article, we are going to talk about this whole issue and direct our attention to the misery of residents of rental apartments. We have some really cool suggestions to give you, and if implemented, you will spend every day of your life eagerly waiting to go back home and see the marvels you worked so hard to create.

So, without further ado, here are 7 ways in which you can change your rental apartment without hurting anyone’s feelings.

7 Ideas which will Completely Change your Rental Apartment

  1. Modular furniture, everybody!

Okay, you got to admit that there is nothing like modular furniture when it comes to home decoration. Some of our readers might think that modular furniture is for the affluent, but, hey, we are in the 21st century, and everything can be tailored as per individual needs so there is no reason why modular furniture to be exempted.

You look up on the Internet or personally visit an interior designer’s office—you will know that there are ways to have your own modular furniture without hurting your pockets. However, you need to make sure you are well-informed about basics or else professionals might try scamming you, which, of course, will not be good for you.

  1. Consolidation of storage

Every house comes with a heavy baggage of stuff, most of which we hardly need but still keep intact in anticipation of some major calamity which, of course, will never, even in one’s wildest dreams, happen. Anyways, we still need the stuff to keep, and for that, a storage is what is essential.

Apartments are usually compact and storage makes them look more cramped than ever. We recommend you get your storage hidden behind closed doors. It gives a clean and presentable look to the area and makes you comfortable.

  1. Artwork is magic

This tip applies to nearly every home decoration activity. For quite some time, people have developed a sudden interest in artworks, especially for the purposes of home decoration—and well, it is a good thing that they have because artwork totally adds class to everything.

You do not need to purchase those expensive paintings to bring artwork to your apartment. There are stores which offer for sale artworks inexpensively. Alternatively, if any member of your family has brilliant artistic skills, then make him/her do the art, and with the help of DIY, make photo frames. Hang these frames up on the wall and here we have our own collection of art no less than that of any professional’s.

If your landlord is okay with you re-painting the apartment—a rare possibility indeed—then you can directly paint artistically on the wall.

  1. Paint, yes.

As noted earlier, landlords rarely allow re-painting of the rental apartment; however, if your landlord is the type who should bless every lessee in the world, then you can give your rental a bit of a makeover with the kind of paint you decide.

Landlords generally allow you to have the area painted in neutral colours, and if that is the case with you, then you should prefer the ones popular these days such as light grey. But, remember, the choice of colour affects the mood of the occupants so make sure you do the right selection.

In case your landlord is obnoxiously overbearing and refuses to give you the permission to paint, then you can opt for bringing in some contrast by bringing home colour through artwork and furnishings. In this, you do not need a pro’s help—just tickle that imaginative side of the brain and you have it.

  1. Lights

It is annoying how people totally neglect the virtue of lights in the whole makeover thing. Light matters, folks—more than you can imagine. If you do not know already, interior designers lay quite an emphasis on the kind of lights to be installed in an area. You should consider changing the lights if you want to stay in a gorgeous apartment.

Designer lights are of varied kinds and they can be procured at reasonable prices if you do the right research and bargaining. Decide on the lights depending on the paint color, thearea of the apartment, and other relevant factors.

While selecting lights, do not skip out lamps. Lamps are babies and discharge dual roles: they save light and make your house look classy.

  1. Do not forget the kitchen area

Probably the most messed up area after your bedroom is the kitchen area. If you wish to minimise the messiness of your kitchen, you should consider giving it a bit of a makeover.

You do not need to full-scale transform the area but can incorporate a few changes such as painting the cabinets, putting down a new floor or putting on patterns on the wall. These ideas do not cost dollars, but a bit of your imagination—which, we think, is okay to be spent away callously!

  1. Curtains

Go trendy with beautiful curtains, and there are so many options available that you might end up getting overwhelmed. Take down those boring plastic blinds and dress up your windows smartly: go for floor length curtains, roman shades, or screen printed panel.

Curtains are important components of home decoration. They add completeness to the foundations, and hence, while you are on it to purchase curtains, do a good amount of research and then press the ‘buy’ button.


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