7 DIY Hacks to Create Wall Art

DIY is a magical formula that combines creativity and physical labor to produce innovation, and all of this happens with the help of a few tricks and tips. In this article, we will touch upon a DIY project—wall art.

It becomes increasingly boring to see the same, old wall every day, and that is where wall art comes to the rescue. There are many, many brands that sell wall art, but why pay, when you can come up with a wonderful wall art by yourself?

Seven DIY hacks to create wall art

Let us look into a few DIY wall art ideas that will satisfy your burning curiosity:

1. Clipboards and typography

You must have stashed somewhere in the attic your clipboards from childhood days; get them out, because you will need them.

Another really important thing to be done is research. Find out and get printed cool typography. Pay special attention to the colour of the printing paper.

Hang all your typography on the wall with the help of clipboards just like in this picture here.

2. Antiques for class

Antiques give extraordinary brilliance to walls if hung up right. Go to a good antique store, browse thoroughly keeping in mind the setting of the room where you wish to hang them, and buy! That is all you need to do.

If you are unable to figure out what exactly we are trying to say, then click here and you will know.

3. Kitchen sponge and a simple ‘Hi’

For this wall art, all you need is a kitchen sponge, and in a matter of few hours, you will have your wall ready with all the drama you need.

Make a canvas, a ‘Hi’ canvas with the help of a kitchen sponge. For better understanding, we have a set of pictures here, just for you.

4. Beads and a rod

Head out to market and find strands of beads for wall décor. There will be varieties available—from the shimmery ones to the monochromatic ones. Choose wisely before purchasing.

After you have your beads, hang them from a rod. The result will be amazing, just like the one we have in this picture.

5. Shoeboxes make attractive shelves

Shoeboxes? Well, we know you have them plenty in number, so why not put them to some real good use?

Get all your shoe boxes out, paint them in your choice of colours, and put them on the wall. Use them as shelves, but please, do not put heavy items—their purpose is largely ornamental.

Want some samples? Check out here.

6. Washi tapes and Frames

You may not have heard of Washi Tapes, but, let us tell you this: they are super amazing, and should not be confused with masking tapes. These are made of bamboo and come in vibrant colours.

Please do not shell out money on highly artistically designed, expensive frames; make use of washi tapes instead. Not getting? Well, here is a picture for you.

7. Old is Gold

Now is the time to make use of the piles of old books and paper you do not need anymore. Tear off the pages and stick them on the walls. Just like how they have done it here.


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