Pros and Cons of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are becoming a more and more popular trend in the home décor as they give a contemporary look to the homes. While traditional doors are still in use, sliding glass doors are also becoming a trend. They have a number of advantages but before you invest in this change in your house, you should know about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of having these kinds of doors. They are indeed a very great choice when it comes to giving a simple and classy look to the house or office, but there are some disadvantages of these doors too. Hence, read the below given points which could be of help before you make your final decision.

pros and cons of sliding glass doors


  • Practical: The sliding doors which are put up provide the user with a large doorway unlike the traditional doors, which provide a very small doorway. This helps in transferring big items like furniture from one room to another. This door also requires less space for installations as they move in the same line and do not require a space to open and close.
  • Gives a good look: Sliding doors have the capacity to glam up the look of your house. It provides a transparency for everyone to get a clearer look through the door. You can simply give a modern look to your house by setting up glass doors.
  • Allows light to pass: These doors allow ample amount of light to pass through them and this is why the place where they are set up does not become dark and dull, and stays fresh and bright. The room can also get fresh breeze once the doors are fully opened.
  • Environment friendly: These doors are environment-friendly, unlike traditional wooden doors which requires cutting of trees, which is of course harmful for the environment.


  • Cost: Glass doors are expensive compared to the traditional doors and hence you need to rethink on your budget before installing them. You cannot compromise on the quality because the poor quality ones have the fear of breaking easily and compromise on the safety.
  • Not weather friendly: Extreme weather conditions like frosts and storms can cause the sliding glass doors to break because they do not have the strength and durability to fight such extreme conditions and breaking of glass would indeed not be safe.
  • Maintaining them: It is very difficult and time consuming to maintain them as they need to be cleaned from time to time. Also, the parts require regular replacement or else they might not slide properly and smoothly.
  • Cannot be safely locked: Though sliding glass doors have locks, they are not as strong as the latches which we use for traditional doors and hence, there is always a fear of someone breaking into your house or office.

Considering the above points, it can be said that you can indeed have sliding glass doors installed, but you should keep in mind the pros and cons behind doing so.


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