Top Apps for Home Design and Home Remodeling

These days, unlike earlier, everyone has started paying a lot of attention to their home design, interior designing and home remodeling. Homes have truly become the reflection of the personality of those who live in it and thus, most people do not mind spending money and time on redecorating their homes or going for complete makeovers.

Sure, an interior designer plays an important role in this process but there are many other sources too from which you can take inspiration for home designs and styles. One of these sources is a mobile phone or tablet app. Yes, there are many apps suitable for home design or home remodeling and the following is a list of the top ones:

top apps for home designColorSmart

This is a free home design app which is available both on iOS and Android and is very handy for those who are looking for home redecoration or decoration. What this app does is that it allows you to click a picture and accordingly it provides a color scheme for you. You can also apply color to see which room will look like what on using that color.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This is yet another free yet very highly rated app which provides you with all the inspiration that you need. This app consists of a collection of photos of almost all types of rooms and helps professionals like architects and interior designers in their work. This app too is available on Android and iOS both.

Color Capture

This is an app ideal for those who wish to avoid the trouble of carrying color samples with them. This app allows you to set favorites and add notes to your chosen colors. It is a free to download app on Android and iOS and has been developed by Benjamin Moore.

Mark On Call

This is a paid iOS app for home design which comes with a variety of features. This app is for consumers as well as professional interior designers as it lets both plan and design their space. This app helps with logistics as well as aesthetics and also helps to get a better idea about how certain furniture will look like in a room.

Home 3D

This is yet another paid app tagged at a price of $ 3.99. This app lets you visualize your home after its redecoration or designing and it also helps you to move around floors and windows in order to match your space and materials. This app can be found on iOS.


This is yet another app which is paid on both iOS and Android but is a plethora of paint colors. It has more than 13000 Pantone paint colors and helps you check which color will go best in a particular room. This app also lets you decide about color combinations by mixing and matching and is also compatible with AirPrint so that you can print out a desired color palette.


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