Tips and Ideas for Selecting Stools for your Kitchen

Stools are an integral part of a kitchen or a kitchen with a bar counter. But buying stools or selecting them can be a tricky part, considering the fact that there are so many things to keep in mind such as the height, weight, style, matching with the interiors of the kitchen and ofcourse-the budget. A right kitchen stool can totally add wonders to your kitchen whereas a slightly wrong one can be a big disaster. For all of those who are interested in buying stools for kitchen, the following given tips will prove to be extremely useful:

ideas for selecting stools for your kitchenChoosing the Right Height

The height of the kitchen stool is an important factor to consider before making the purchase because you want it to be perfect with the counters of the kitchen. For this, you will first need to measure the height of your kitchen counters and then consider atleast 9-13 inches between the height of the stool and the counter. Most chair stools are generally 18 inches from the floor to the seat so you can choose accordingly.

Number of Stools that you can Fit

The next part is to consider the number of stools that you want or can fit in your kitchen. If you know the number, then you will be able to choose the width of the stools properly. Moreover, you must keep in mind that you don’t want to cramp up the kitchen and keep enough distance between two stools. This will also help you to pick from a stool with arms and without arms.

Style of the Stool

After you have decided on the measurements, the next step is to consider the style of the stool that you wish to get. Do you want it with a backrest or without and do you want it to be a design statement or just a piece of necessary furniture in the kitchen? You must also decide on the color which can either be matching to the kitchen interiors or can be contrasting. You may want to buy a low maintenance stool in a space such as a kitchen and thus you can purchase one with wood, metal or leather.

Moreover, you must also decide whether you want your kitchen stool to be contemporary, rustic or traditional.

Its Impact on the Rest of the Kitchen

Kitchen stools can have a big impact on your kitchen. When you enter a kitchen, what is the first thing that you notice? Well, by choosing a very contrasting kitchen stool color or style, you can divert everyone’s attention to it when they enter your kitchen. But if you don’t want it to be so striking, then you can choose one which merges well into the rest of the kitchen and doesn’t really divert all the attention. So the choice is yours really.

Whichever kitchen stool you choose, remember that it must be comfortable and should be able to seat even healthier persons or guests who come to your kitchen.


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