Gas Vs Electric Stoves: Which to Choose?

When people go stove shopping either for their homes or for a camp, they are always faced with an important yet difficult decision-to buy a gas stove or an electric stove. Well the comparison between the two is contrasting and has to be made based on several points like efficiency, price, life and safety.   Are you too one of those who are confused between a gas stove and an electric one? Well if you are then the following given points of comparison will be beneficial for you.

gas vs electric stovesPros of Gas Stoves

  • A gas stove gets you an instant and constant flame which you can adjust visually and there is no need to wonder whether it is on or off.
  • The flames produced in the case of this stove can help you cook your food more quickly and much more evenly. This happens because of the fact that the flames are spread more evenly along the sides and the bottom of the utensil.
  • The cost of operating a gas stove is much less than an electric one and so is the energy cost.

Cons of Gas Stoves

  • Gas stoves are expensive to purchase and this is a definite drawback. Moreover they are difficult to hook on as well, especially if you don’t have a gas line running in the kitchen.
  • Another problem is the fact that gas stoves are a little dangerous to work with because if the gas is left burning, then it can be released into the air.

Pros of Electric Stoves

  • Electric stoves are much sleeker and less space occupying than gas stoves. Moreover, the glass top is easy to wipe clean and there is no need to remove any part to clean it completely.
  • These stoves are very easy to operate and are also not expensive to buy and install. This makes these types of stoves a very good choice for those who do not wish to spend much on their kitchen like students or PG dwellers.
  • An electric stove acts as the most stable surface for placing pots and pans. Thus it acts like a great option for amateur cooks.
  • Electric stoves offer a lot of storage space and this feature is not there in gas stoves. This too is one of the positive points about an electric stove.

Cons of Electric Stoves

  • One of the main negative points about an electric stove is that is cooks food slowly than gas stoves. This means that more time is wasted and the results produced are not that even in cooking.
  • Electric stoves are a problem for bakers in small kitchens because they have a glass top which is very difficult to clean if sugar spills on it.
  • Another negative point associated with an electric stove is that it cannot be operated if there is shortage of electricity or in the case of an electric failure.
  • The use of electricity increases the operating cost of an electric stove and this is also a negative point.


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