Why Should One Choose A KitchenAid?

KitchenAid stand mixerCooking, for many people, has been the best part of enjoying life but it requires a lot of skill to master the kitchen.

Thanks to modern equipments, cooking has now become easier, faster and of course, more delicious.

KitchenAid, one of the most brilliant products of the human mind started to make life easier in 1919 until Whirlpool Corporation owned this home appliance brand by 1986.

“For the way it is made”, KitchenAid started and became a professional in stand mixers, but has now grown into a large brand catering almost all cooking needs proudly assembled straight from Greenville, Ohio.

Ranging from stand mixers to ovens, from indoor to outdoor cooking equipments, KitchenAid has indeed become very successful in this field. The profit figures do prove it.

So what makes it a leading brand in terms of cooking appliances?

Aside from the fact that their products are enduring, a person can prove its long-lasting quality because it can actually be passed from mother to daughter for many generations.

Another factor is that, with KitchenAid stand mixer plus the attachments included can be used to make homemade pasta, quick whipping up an ice cream, stuffing fresh sausages, and produce fresh fruit juice with just one kitchen gear.

Now that they are celebrating their 90th anniversary of glorious years in this industry, it is worth to take a closer look to their newly released 90th Anniversary Stand mixer Limited Edition in candy apple red color.

With a 10-speed slide control that can perfectly finish a quick whip or a slow stir for whatever phase your cooking requires. Included in this stand mixer are the Flat Beater, a Dough Hook and a Wire Whip that are all working wonders and power hub as additional attachments.

You can pour up to 7 pounds of mashed potato or anything on the stand mixer’s 5-quart glass bowl completely printed with measurement markings and made handy with pouring spout to make your cooking efficient and hassle-free.

As for the product’s dimensions, depth measures to 14 and ¼ inches, while weight reaches to 29 pounds. With the width of only 11 inches it does not take a big space from your kitchen.

This wonderful mixer can turn your kitchen and your passion for cooking into a wonderful effortless adventure. Whether you are passionate for pies, cupcakes or the trickiest Swiss meringue butter cream the Kitchen Aid mixer can help you become a true professional chef.


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