The Best Of The Office Functionality At Home

Remembering Jonathan Swift’s Lilliputians, we always think of how hard would have been for Gulliver in their small houses… If you feel like him back then and you need some extra rooming for your desk work, you should consider the last up-come from Team 7.

This furniture-kind invention requires very small space, presenting the appearance of a small closet, while not in use. If we open all of its gadget-hide drawers, we find it quite a useful office tool, providing spaces for storage that will surely take every functional device like notebooks, printers, staplers, scanners, etc. and keep them near to your hands.

The sliding table, along with the efficiently made sections are making possible the easy using of the office overall without detaching components or using extra space.

Not to forget the outstanding design that brings more interest particularly for its “stealth” feature: while moving the furniture with someone, nobody will even guess that this is not a real closet… Together with the astonishing texture of the walls and the combining of both vintage and modern elements, the design figures out a unique style that stands for innovation, simplicity, and art-combined technicality.

Whether you are less in space or you like the idea of an itinerant office, this invention is more than the best acquisition of office functionality at home.

Source: homedit


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