Make your House Shine Bright with Mirrors!

Mirrors are a great way to decorate your house. You can never go wrong with mirror decorations as they always look attractive and beautiful. They are indeed a great addition to your home décor and you can do a lot with mirrors than just hanging them on a wall. Below given are some of the most superb and easy mirror decoration ideas which would be a great make-over for your lovely house.

make your house shine bright with mirrors

Hang it in your Backyard

Get a large piece of mirror and hang it on the wall of your backyard. If possible, hang some smaller mirrors around it and decorate them with planters and creepers around them. You can also have a wooden frame around these mirrors.

Make Attractive Mirror Frames

There are a lot of attractive wooden or metal frames available at different home décor shops .If you do not want to spend much, you can also make some frames on your own by using your own creativity. Make multiple frames and place the mirrors inside the frames. You can choose color schemes like warm colors or cold colors so that it looks like a themed home décor.

Broken Mirrors

You can have broken mirror pieces pasted on a beautifully painted wall. If you paint the wall in dark colors, it will look even more attractive. Just paste these mirror pieces in a particular shape or a pattern like a circle or an oval or just make a flowing pattern with no shape. This would make the wall look really attractive.

Mix Mirrors with Arts

Understand the right way to display mirrors with art. You can probably paint the mirrors with glass paints or make different murals and Patterns with plaster of Paris or simple acrylic paints on the mirrors and hang it on the walls like paintings.

Mirrors on Kitchen Cabinets

Mirrors make small rooms look big and spacious and hence if you have a small kitchen, it is a great idea to fix mirrors on kitchen cabinets. In addition to making the kitchen look big, mirrors would also make the kitchen look cleaner, provided you take the efforts of cleaning the mirrors regularly.

Hang Mirrors in Balconies

You can have small mirror wooden frames in the shades of blue or green and hang them on the walls of your balconies. This will give you balcony a really attractive and classy look. You can also place container plants around these mirrors so that your garden looks more attractive.

Mirror Frames with Fairy Lights

You can hang different sizes of rectangular mirror frames with golden or black borders on your living room walls and have fairy lights going around them. This would really look attractive in the evenings and give your living room a really beautiful dim light effect.

Mirror Tables

You can have a full length mirror as your dining table or tea table. This will make the table look big, classy and clean. Make sure that the mirrors you choose for this are sturdy and strong.


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