Top Tips to Prevent Going for Appliance Repairs

Every household or office space has innumerable appliances, gadgets and electronic equipments. It is natural for such equipments to stop working, demand maintenance and call for repairs. But collectively, these repairs can cost us big and may also waste a lot of time.

Not all appliances can be easily fixed back at home, no matter what level of repair expertise and knowledge you possess. In order to avoid going for appliance repairs and spending a big part of your earnings on them every year, it is better to follow some preventive care and maintenance. The following are some of the best tips and suggestions to prevent going for expensive appliance repairs:

tips to prevent going for appliance repairs

Use Appliances as Per Instructions

Most of the times, our household appliances need repair because of improper usage or inappropriate activity. Thus it is very important to use the appliances only as the instruction manual says and avoid experimenting anything. For example, one must only use microwave friendly dishes in a microwave in order to avoid any problems.

Clean the Appliances Regularly

Another reason why most appliances may ask for repair every now and then is because they accumulate dust or dirt over time and stop working the way they should. Thus it is crucial that you clean all your appliances like remote controls, telephone sets, washing machines, microwaves, toasters, blenders, dish washers etc. regularly and in the proper way. Avoid using water on any appliance which needs to be cleaned in a dry way.

Avoid Overusing the Appliances

Most appliances tend to go bad when they are over used or used continuously for a long period of time. It is better to use the appliances only when needed and switch off their electronic supply when not needed. Too must usage can roughen their internal parts and may lead to defects which can be difficult to repair. Thus use all your appliances sensibly and carefully.

Keep Appliances Out of Reach of Children and Pets

Another way to make sure that your appliances do not need repairs every now and then is to keep them out of the reach of children and pets. Children may press the wrong button here and there and may lead to problems whereas pets too can damage appliances easily. Make sure both are not allowed to touch or use the appliances without your permission or in your absence.

Protect from Spills

Besides protecting appliances from dirt and dust, it is also important to protect them from any kinds of spills. Most electronic appliances are not resistant to water or any other liquids and hence you must make sure they are not exposed to them. If water or any other liquid falls on them, make sure you wipe it off completely and then try to soak or dry out the spill completely.

Protect from Falling

Most appliances tend to get defected if they experience physical shock by falling or if something fall on them. This too must be avoided to prevent appliance repairs.


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