The Barbecue Adventure Is Better Because Of Swiss Innovation

Nothing quite shows that summer is here, than grilling food. There are a wide variety of grills available to be bought and used; however, the Swiss made Valigrill has compact size, portability and being eco-friendly in its favor.


It’s not as big or bulky as many other grills on the market. The reason for this is that it was quite obviously designed with being portable in mind. That is why it is lighter and smaller than other grills; however, it still has quite a bit of room on its grill, so a person won’t be grilling a couple of hamburgers or a few hot dogs at a time.

It also has a pair of large wheels on one side with a handle, so that it can easily be moved to a park, a camping trip, an overnight party at the nearest sports stadium while waiting for the big game and so on. Maneuverability was definitely an important factor in the design of this light, eco-friendly grill and as long as the ground is level, it can be put there for added outdoor enjoyment.


This grill also has an electric motor, which is more eco-friendly than the gas grills. The motor rotates 8 skewers on the grill which helps for even grilling of foods like chicken, fish and other meats and vegetables.

This grill is small, maneuverable, eco-friendly and gives an even grill experience thanks to its rotating skewers, so it is a must have for anyone who loves the full outdoor experience.

Source : Ruegg Cheminee


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