Built In Closets For Saving Space

built in closetsMore people are leaning towards a more Spartan look, particularly in their bedroom as many want the emphasis to be on the bed.

A key way to achieve this is to have a closet that is built in to the wall.

Make sure the measurements do not interfere with other parts of the home and also make sure it is large enough to house most, if not all of the clothing, shoes and any other items that do not need to be taking up space in the bedroom.

When people walk into their bedroom, they shouldn’t have to navigate around various pieces of furniture. They should be able to go straight to their bed and dresser without sidestepping.

The choice for design regarding built in closets may only be hindered by the individual’s imagination.

It can simply have a rack or two for hanging up clothes or more things can be added. If it’s a couple, it can have his and her racks, one to each side.

Shelving can also be added above the racks, or they can be put at one end of the racks. It’s possible to even do corner shelving.

The built-in closet can be as small or big as the person wants. However, talk to a professional regarding the closet and especially talk to one if this is a project the person wants to do on their own.


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