How To Make Old Pillows From Aunt Sally Trendy And Usable Instead Of Old And Antique?

decorativeSo your Aunt Sally has just given you a few decorative pillows.

But there is one problem – they were decorative in the 1960s and still smell like the 1960s.

Do not throw these decorative pillows away! Think about how much you would spend at Pier 1 for decorative pillows that are almost exactly what you want but not quite.

Here is your chance to completely re-design your Aunt Sally’s decorative pillows and make them suitable for this century.

Let’s say you want decorative pillows for your living room love seat and the bed in the guest room. Go to a fabric store with colors in mind. For example if your living room is browns and beiges you could look for a mint or light green pattern.

If your guest room is colorful and where all the hand-me-downs ended up you could really have a lot of fun picking out fabric for the decorative pillows in your guest bedroom.

If you need to give the pillows a good washing before you start recovering them you have a few options. You can take them to a dry cleaner or the cheap way would be to throw them in the bathtub, rinse them off and throw them in the dryer.


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