A Smart Electricity Bill Is A Great Help In Any Home

incandescent bulbsThe debate whether LED lights or conventional light bulbs are best choice for a home has been argued back and forth.

Conventional light bulbs are what most people use to light their homes but the push towards being green has resulted in people moving towards LED lighting. [Lighting Techniques]

What is the difference between LED lights and conventional light bulbs and which is more efficient?

When purchasing light bulbs, bear in mind the different lighting lifespan, their consumption of electricity, their luminescence and brightness, and their individual costs.

Light bulbs, such as incandescent bulbs are what most people use in their homes. They are relatively inexpensive when you consider the cost per bulb; however, their lifespan is fairly short between changes.

Since you will have to change them frequently they are not considered environmentally friendly. Their brightness varies but for the most part incandescent lights have a soft glow that casts light all around the room.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs burn more efficiently and last longer than the standard incandescent lights. The prices for compact fluorescent is often double that of an incandescent and because they last longer, they are actually less expensive than the typical incandescent bulbs in the long run.

With that said, they also have a soft glow that fills the room and similar to a comparable incandescent. One drawback for compact fluorescent bulbs is that it does take a while to warm up and get to its full brightness. Another drawback is that they contain mercury and you have to worry about safe ways to dispose of it.

LED stands for light-emitting diode and are environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury, like the compact fluorescent bulbs. Compared to both fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, LED lights are much more expensive on an upfront basis.

However, when you take into consideration that you do not have to change them for years at a time, some boasting that you never have to change them, they are definitely a good value. One drawback for LED lights is that they are very bright and focused, rather than having an overall glow, the light is strong and direct.

Overall, LED lights have a little way to go in their strong lighting, but they are long lasting, great for the environment and very good for your pocket since they do not use a lot of electricity.

When trying to decide on which light bulb is for you, remember to keep in mind the brightness and how it will illuminate your home, the amount of times you plan on changing it, the price you will pay in electricity costs over time and how earth friendly it will be.


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