A Mountain Retreat Is An Enjoyable Home Away From Home

log cabinMany people wish for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle of their busy lives.

A mountain cabin is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and to relax from the worries of work.

You may also want a cabin to use for the times when you go fishing or hunting or simply as a place to spend the weekend with friends and family.

When you think of a mountain retreat, the obvious choice is a log cabin. There are kits that are available for purchase that have many designs to choose from and provide the lumber and plans. Also, decorating your little hideaway is a fun way to make it your own.

Log cabins bring to mind retreats in the wilderness surrounded by forests and nature. When looking into getting a log cabin, you should take a look at the several companies that are offering plans and have everything ready for you. You just need to purchase the whole package and assemble it.

The wood used in log cabins vary but it is usually treated for termites and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Lumber companies also treat the wood so they don’t deteriorate, and some types of wood are naturally resistant to decay.

The wood construction on a mountain cabin blends in well with the surrounding trees and gives you a sense of being one with nature. Also, that woody smell lifts your spirits, a reminder that you are far from the stress of modern, urban civilization.

Once you have a log cabin built, the next question is how do you go about decorating your mountain retreat? When decorating your mountain cabin, many people like to imagine it as their own hunting lodge.

Place unique touches, such as bear skin rugs and furniture that is hand carved and made to give your place that perfect look for hunting and fishing.

You can decorate it as a rustic, country cabin, with wildflowers and hand sewn curtains. Simple rugs and rocking chairs bring together that country feeling. Even though many people imagine log cabins to be dark and small inside, however, they can be made as light and airy as you would like. Think of using bright colors and festive lamps and other accessories when you decorate your mountain retreat.

If you are looking to spend your days in a mountain retreat there are a variety of plans available for you when deciding on your log cabin. The irresistible charm of a mountain cabin is waiting for you.

Get away from work and take a weekend off fishing, hiking, hunting or just relaxing by your fireplace, with nature right at your doorstep. It may change your view of the world in ways that you cannot imagine.


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