Bathroom Lighting: How To Create Great Effects In Your Bathroom?

bathroom lightingMany bathrooms are dim and gloomy, particularly if they are older.

Lack of natural light in a bathroom makes it feel cold and damp, and needing to turn on a light during the day is wasting power and money.

But there are things that you can do to improve your bathroom lighting, without calling in an electrician.

Increase the amount of natural light in your bathroom by installing a skylight in the roof and ceiling. You can buy these in kit form, and a moderately talented home handyperson should be able to fit one.

It isn’t a very large job, and shouldn’t be too expensive even if you do need to employ a builder. The skylight will improve your bathroom lighting during the day, and they also seem to direct some light at night.

Another inexpensive way to give the appearance of improved bathroom lighting is with the use of bathroom mirrors. Mirrors reflect the light that is available and help to make the room look bigger and brighter. A wall of mirror tiles or one large mirror will do the trick nicely.

If you decide that you still need additional electric light sources in your bathroom, here are some ideas that will have your bathroom lighting looking like it was designed by a professional. [Home Lighting]

You will need the services of a licensed electrician to install additional lighting; this is not something to attempt yourself.

Look at these ideas to replace your single central bulb that is often an ineffective light source for your bathroom:

1. The multi-purpose lighting / heating fixtures, specifically designed for bathrooms, allow you to enjoy all the creature comforts in one fixture. There is a light, an exhaust fan and one or two heating elements, all wired into the one unit for convenience and space-saving.

2. Track lighting is one inexpensive way to light up dim corners of your bathroom. A track is fitted to the existing light source and several fittings are attached to the track. These can then be directed to different parts of the room, or pointed up towards the ceiling to flood the room with diffused light.

Track bathroom lighting can also be fitted above the mirror at the vanity, to give bright, direct light in this area. You can place individual lights right around your mirror to give a movie star’s dressing room effect. Make sure you use low wattage and frosted globes so you don’t blind yourself!

3. Recessed bathroom lighting is an effective way to get light where you need it. These halogen globes give clear bright light directly underneath the fitting; they can also be angled.

Because the actual globe is recessed into the ceiling, this style of lighting gives a clean modern look while providing the entire bathroom lighting you need, exactly where you need it.

Consider installing some kind of night light for safety. These are important if you have children, but even house guests will appreciate a little illumination on their nightly wanderings.

If you are prone to the call of the bathroom at night, a specialty night light in the bathroom allows you to find you way without waking you up fully, allowing you to get back to sleep quickly.


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