Take Time To Consider The Mood You Want And How Color Affects A Room

living room colorNew technology has produced high quality televisions and large plasma screens that mean, we can have our very own movie theater.

Suddenly people are spending more time relaxing in their home and therefore having the perfect interior décor is essential for getting the most from your space.

When determining how you want the inside of your house to look, spend a bit of time finding out exactly what you like and what really does not hit the mark.

Building up an understanding of how each room will be used is also very useful. When out visiting other people’s houses look at your surroundings and get plenty of inspiration.

You could employ an interior designer but if you take the time yourself it will be much more individual and reflect your own personality much more. Do not always be swayed by latest trends, clean lines are great for some but often it is nice to display treasured possessions and not have to worry about that lived in look.

Be aware of the effect of the different colors on mood, green is energizing and blue is uplifting, neither will be that relaxing so use warmer earthy tones in the living room.

Hallways and bathroom can take a lot of bold color as they are used less often. For children’s bedrooms use primary colors but indulge yourself with romantic purple for the adult’s room.

If you need to bring more light into a room, white walls will achieve this but do not to forget to inject some colors with accessories such as rugs, cushions and other textiles. A color scheme can also be based around a single object or picture, picking out shades from it.


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