The Bad Side Of Wooden Garage Doors

wooden garage doorsIf you have an attached garage in your home you may think about accenting it and making it look more like an accessory than a garage which can be simply done by dressing it with a wooden door.

Wooden garage doors that match the trimming of your home are a wonderful way to make your garage look like an addition to your home instead of a distraction from it.

Before you head out to purchase a new set of wooden doors for your garage however you may want to consider the following facts.

You need to consider what type of weather conditions you experience on a year round basis as you want garage doors that can withstand everything that is thrown at them and certain weather conditions are not the best for wood garage doors.

High winds for example are a threat to wooden garage doors and especially if you have a double garage with one garage door affixed, since there is not enough support.

Any area that often sees tornados and hurricane winds is not a great area for wooden garage doors no matter how well they may compliment your house.

After all, losing a garage door and damage to items inside can get costly. Keep in mind that wooden doors also usually cost more than their counterparts and in fact, can cost up to ten times more, so if the thought of losing your investment is a concern it may be best to hold back.

Additionally, if you love an area that experience very harsh cold winters you may want to stay away from wooden doors as well.

Although wood is a natural insulator, wood garage doors are typically not very thick so if your home is attached to your garage you may notice that your heating bill is higher if you choose wood garage doors over insulated metal or fiberglass.

On the flip side, if you live in an area that experiences very high temperatures and high humidity you may want to think twice as well as wood rots and so can your wood garage doors.

With regular staining or painting however you can help reduce this threat. Also, different types of wood rot at different rates so depending on the type of wood garage doors you use; this may not be as threatening.

Oak tends to be stronger, but in turn is more expensive. Common woods such as redwood, hemlock, and cedar are the best choice as they are more resistant to rotting and mildew.


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