Selecting Your Indoor Waterfall Design

indoor waterfallIn recent years there has been a new trend for home waterfalls, this is partly as a nod to all things Chinese but also it is believed to be relaxing to listen to the sound of moving water.

There are a multitude of styles available, from small ones designed to sit on a table top to more elaborate features designed to be built into a wall.

The water features can come in very many materials from copper to glass and even stone. Some are very intricate whilst others are simplicity themselves.

Whatever your own personal tastes, you are bound to find something to suit your home and budget. Waterfalls for the wall are usually meant for the yard, and are often part of meditation and yoga which is widely practiced in the United States these days. These can be stand alone or for a more natural look incorporated into a new wall when it is built.

Shop around to get the feature that best suits your own home; they make a great focal point both inside or out. So many materials can and have been used that it is purely down to like or dislike.

Marble can look very classic, while copper has a more natural appeal. There are many retailers now selling them so do your homework and don’t forget to see what is available on the internet.

Many public buildings now have a water feature of some kind, so you could get your inspiration from the local library or shopping mall. There are many benefits of having moving water in your home so embrace it and enjoy.


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