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family mudroom

Mud Rooms Explained – Principle to Purpose

In case you don’t have a mud room, then you really should consider creating one in your home. Many people are creating their own mud rooms, which is an intelligent solution especially in the winter. A mudroom is the room that bridges the space between indoors and outdoors. It is actually a barrier that keeps […]

fruits & passion

Gift Ideas for a New Home

In case you are wondering what gift can you get for a new home, don’t hesitate to choose the right accessories. Of course, they should go with the interiors of the home, but if you choose something different, then go for a contrast. The home decorating experts advise to choose accessories that create contrast, which […]

nursery decorating ideas

Nursery Decorating Ideas – More Than Just Pink And Blue

Many of us may choose to go with a gender specific set of nursery decorating ideas, choosing motifs and colors suitable for a girl or boy depending on the ultrasound result. On the other hand, many of us choose not to know the sex of the child until its actual arrival and sometimes the ultrasound […]

wall mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are basic accessories inside a home. Even if you choose to place them on the hallway, in the nursery or in the bathroom, the addition will offer beauty to the room and create a more spacious looking environment. If you want to put a mirror on the wall, you must take under consideration what […]

home library

Beginner’s Guide to DIY Home Library Decoration

Setting up a home library might look like quite a challenge but it can be made simple with the right steps. The beginner has to keep in mind the major three aspects: the space, the shelving and the books. As space goes you should keep in mind to evaluate correctly. Depending on the necessity you […]

indoor water fountain

Indoor Water Fountains – Types To Choose From

Whether it is due to reasons of belief in disciplines such as Feng Shui or just because you like the look and sound of a fountain, indoor water fountains can be an excellent design element to incorporate into an indoor space. Whether it is for the home or the office, indoor water fountains can make […]

kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances: the good, the bad and the expensive

The soul of our kitchen isn’t the table, where the whole family gathers together. Actually the soul of any kitchen is its appliances. When it comes to kitchen appliances, people are concerned for their functionality, design and of course look. The perfect kitchen appliance is the one that looks modern, but it is functional and […]

retro style decoration

Retro Look Makes the Home Fabulous

The retro look has always been modern, when it comes to decoration. In case you are living in the country, this look is even recommendable. Avoid the cliché and design your home with retro elements, instead of following the banal tendency for contemporary design. You don’t need to renovate the entire house, just place the […]

21 Contemporary Kids Desks!

21 Contemporary Kids Desks!

Have a look at these 21 Contemporary Kids Desks to give you an idea of what we exactly mean.

silk curtains

DIY Window Treatments for a Lovely Home

The curtains are an important part of your home décor. In case you are going to refresh your interior, start with the curtains. The trend for the curtains this year is one: the extra long curtains are very fashionable and elegant. You can do them by yourself or purchase them from some designer collection. Check […]