DIY Window Treatments for a Lovely Home

The curtains are an important part of your home décor. In case you are going to refresh your interior, start with the curtains.

The trend for the curtains this year is one: the extra long curtains are very fashionable and elegant. You can do them by yourself or purchase them from some designer collection. Check out Betsy Burnham’s latest collection, for it is all about long curtains with different patterns.

The zebra print curtains are a hit, so don’t hesitate to refresh your living room by adding these beautiful curtains. In case you are going to sew curtains, remember to choose the fabrics and the colors very carefully.

silk curtains

Don’t go for fabrics such as plush, for they are very difficult to sew. Try some lightweight fabrics. The rayon and silk are the best fabrics for sewing curtains, but they are not so practical in the winter. Go for velveteen fabrics in the winter, for they will be great in your living room.

blue velvet curtains

The blue velvet is welcomed as a fabric for the curtains, but only in homes with very lavish design. You can also embroider your curtains with different figures. Embroidered flowers on a white curtain will be great for the kitchen and it will add some vintage atmosphere. Don’t forget to measure well, before sewing.

embroidered curtain

If you want to add something really sophisticated in your home interior, go for wall satin draperies. Check out Holland Sherry’s latest collection and don’t hesitate to choose satin as a basic drapery.

The simplest thing you can do to light a dark room in your home is to add some white linen curtains. It creates a certain contrast that gives the illusion for space and light. The layered curtains are a modern decision to change the décor at home. Place them in the kitchen or in the children room, because they will bring more light in the room.

linen curtains

The dining room is also an option for placing the layered curtains. Mix varieties of patterns for a more interesting effect. Try plaid curtains and neutral roll-up shades.

The so called Roman shades are also good idea, not to mention that you can easily create them by yourself. Don’t hesitate to experiment with the colors. The bright colors are interesting and they create a modern look to any room. Pink curtains can be the best decision for the guest bedroom, while navy blue satin extra long curtains can be great for your bedroom.


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