Nursery Decorating Ideas – More Than Just Pink And Blue

Many of us may choose to go with a gender specific set of nursery decorating ideas, choosing motifs and colors suitable for a girl or boy depending on the ultrasound result. On the other hand, many of us choose not to know the sex of the child until its actual arrival and sometimes the ultrasound may have been inconclusive.

nursery decorating ideasSome of us may also prefer nursery decorating ideas not to be gender specific because the new arrival may be going to share the room with an older sibling.

Also when decorating the nursery, remember that if you are planning to make substantial or permanent changes to the room, then they should be such that they remain appropriate for some years to come.

So here are some general nursery decorating ideas that you may find useful –


The most important element of the nursery would have to be the baby’s cot. It makes sense to get one that is expandable and will last for some years.

Make sure that the one you buy meets all safely specifications, which is also important for the bedding you choose for the baby’s bed.

Other furniture

A changing table is a popular one among nursery decorating ideas but many parents find that this is a needless expense, that a table of the right height or the top of a chest of drawers will do just as well. Having a rocking chair or a slider chair or simply a comfortable arm chair with a footstool or ottoman is a good nursery decorating idea – one that parents find useful when feeding the baby, or soothing baby to sleep and so on.

Wall Paper or Wall Paint

Pick light, bright colors that will make the room appear larger and reflect more natural light. You can either choose to paint walls and appropriate color or pick wall paper that is appropriate for the theme of your nursery decorating ideas. Even if you have plain walls you can dress these up with a nice border, or edge, with wall art or murals and so on.

If artistically inclined, create a mural of your own, using the wall as your canvas. Adding stickers and other simple child appropriate accents can really change the way a room looks adding interest and color.

Other nursery decorating ideas

Photos are a great addition to nursery décor. They personalize the space and give the baby something really nice to look at. Adding other knick knacks to the rooms such as stuffed toys, a baby mobile and other colorful toys can help brighten up the room and give the baby interesting visual experiences when he or she first starts to focus and recognize objects.

Later these same things will offer tactile experiences to baby who will then start to hold and play with the objects. So having these toys and knick knacks around are sound nursery decorating ideas, even though baby may be too young to actually appreciate them to begin with.

When it comes to nursery decorating ideas you can do as little or as much as you want, depending upon your energy levels, inclination and requirements.


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