Retro Look Makes the Home Fabulous

The retro look has always been modern, when it comes to decoration. In case you are living in the country, this look is even recommendable. Avoid the cliché and design your home with retro elements, instead of following the banal tendency for contemporary design.

You don’t need to renovate the entire house, just place the right accessories on the right spots and you will see the change in your home interior. In case you have some retro furniture, don’t throw it away. If the can be rebuilt, you can use it again and add some vintage touch to your home.

retro style decoration

The 50s are often praised as the most stylish years of the century. Add some 50’s glamor by replacing the old fabrics with cotton fabrics in bright colors. The accessories also should be changed.

If you like the spirit of the 60s or 70s, then go for accessories with abstract shapes and patterns. Replace the old painting with a copy of Salvador Dali’s painting and place the old-styled lamps in the corridor.

Neutral walls are good for any home, but if you want a retro touch, go for white or cream colors. The old sofa can be remodeled and placed in the living room. Dress the sofa with new patterned fabric and enjoy the difference.

retro decoration

Don’t hesitate to use colors like purple, green, pink or navy blue. These are rich colors that will set a retro atmosphere at home. The vinyl set cushions area is must, if you want to refresh the living room. The curtains should be extra long and made out of lavish patterned fabrics. Don’t forget to add some accessory that will remind your guest of the Love revolution in the 70s.

That can be a vintage wall poster representing flowers. The Andy Warhol style is a must, in case you want to create more artistic atmosphere. Remember that the pop-art is a matter of the right accessories and go for neon, wacky lamps in your living room.

The white, glossy cabinets can be refreshed with creating a certain contrast. Go for black ornaments and accessories like statues, silver chandeliers or lavish desk lamps. Go for abstract shapes, for they are creating an unusual ambient. The lightening also should be changed.

Go for smooth and intimate lighting. The shelvings, filled with books can make a great accessory in the living room, so don’t hesitate to add more books on your shelving’s. Beautify the fireplace by adding some fur near it, for this is another vintage touch to your home.


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