Mud Rooms Explained – Principle to Purpose

In case you don’t have a mud room, then you really should consider creating one in your home. Many people are creating their own mud rooms, which is an intelligent solution especially in the winter.

A mudroom is the room that bridges the space between indoors and outdoors. It is actually a barrier that keeps the indoor temperature from the outdoor cold. It is a room that is used for storage or just keeping your animals inside.

family mudroom

It is usually a small area. In case you are going to create such a room, here are few ideas how to decorate the mud room. Usually the mudroom is small and it is ideal to host your old books, CDs, documents, winter clothes and other home items.

You can place some shelves, storage baskets and a similar bench. In case you want to decorate the mud room in an elegant way, you can go for a rustic two-drawer console table in white.

You can store some items there like an old chandelier, books and a crystal cup of decorative figures. Add some umbrella stands and use it to store the umbrellas, the coats and some keys.


The boot umbrella stand is also recommendable, but you should place it under the table. There you can store your winter boots, slippers and many other things.

If you are having big family, then you probably need a structured storage with enough room. Go for baskets and bins, in order to store your sport equipment, mail, etc.

A bookcase is also a good idea, for you can store your old books there. If you want to add some sophistication in the mud room, place a dark wooden cabinet. Go for a large one, in case you have a lot to store.

mudroom ideas

As for the color of the mud room, there is no limitation. The modern homes have mud rooms in a subdued palette, since it creates a natural atmosphere.

The organic textures also can take their place in your mud room. Go for baskets, stones and wood, in order to store your home items in a natural way.  In case you want to insert something colorful, go for a pegboard, where you can store your hats, shawls and scarf. Place a bench with pillows in order to create a comfortable oasis in your home. You can also add your pet`s favorite toys and create a corner for pet games.


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