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traditional bathrooms 1

Traditional Bathrooms – Joy And Old School Delight

Bathrooms are the places where every house owner loves to spend time. They are also the places where we love to spend money on in order to turn them into oasis of elegance, clean and neat but also extremely delightful. Going back to the classic style with simple lines and delicate colors is surely a […]

hallways in house

Hallways And All The Other Overlook Places At Home

A large majority of people, when decorating, tend to push the best of their ideas and functionality principles on the matter, to be used on the large spaces inside the house. Usually the decorating focus goes to living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. The people focus on making bathroom functional but simply tend to overlook the […]

organizing home

Organizing Home And Creating A Smart Storage Space

In case your flat is small and you really need to save some space, here are some tips how to reorganize your home in this matter. Start from the kitchen as you can create a divider made from kitchen drawers. Store the dishes and some foods in an area, where they can be easy to […]

iconic marshmallow sofa

The Iconic Marshmallow Sofa – Drama And Utility

When you think of the art deco days back in the 1950’s, you can imagine how the Marshmallow Sofa from designer George Nelson came to be. Nelson, known to be something of a risk taker, designed an item that was ahead of its times and is considered an iconic classic till date. The concept includes […]

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Homemade Coffee In The Most Exquisite Coffee Machines

A coffee maker is always the soul of your kitchen. Each of your days probably starts with a cup of coffee; therefore the coffeemaker has such an importance. Here are some tips about your home coffee machine that should be very useful, in case you are a coffee lover. One of the best coffee machines […]

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Retro Furniture – Still In Style For A Cool Home Décor

Nowadays the home design is surely changed. Just some years ago the futurism was all over the modern homes, but recently there is one new wave that is going to rule the home décor- the retro-futurism. This is a style that combines the best from both interior designs as it includes some futuristic accents, modern […]

home decoration

Color Plus Details Equals Focused Home Décor

As far as home decorating is concerned, all designers encourage us to play with colors underlining that if we do that, we set a distinctive print and unique patterns in our home and it will be a walk in the park. If we agree with them and set on a journey of making our house […]

functional furniture 1

When Functional Furniture Becomes Spectacular

In case you want to decorate your home interior, there is no need to change the entire style of your home. The latest trends that save more space and turn your house into a practical oasis can be called a modern fairytale of the multifunctional style. The latest furniture line made by one of the […]

envelope desk concept

The Envelope Desk Concept For Your Home Office

As you sit long hours at your desk in your home office – or study long hours – you wonder how to make things more comfortable for you – the best task chair can help – and you can get more help from the Envelop Desk – a different desk concept – a desk that […]

pantry organizing tips 1

Pantry Organizing Tips For Compact Space

In case you need to reorganize your pantry, there are thousands of ideas how to do it, but if you want to free some space and create a compact and comfortable access, here are a few tips how to remodel your pantry. The most important step in creating spacious pantry is in its whole construction. […]