The Envelope Desk Concept For Your Home Office

As you sit long hours at your desk in your home office – or study long hours – you wonder how to make things more comfortable for you – the best task chair can help – and you can get more help from the Envelop Desk – a different desk concept – a desk that moves to help promote healthy movement.

envelope desk concept

As the name suggests the desk, sort of envelopes you and its moving parts help to let you assume the most comfortable position while working, as also the optimal positioning for your computer components. It is designed to create a body pocket that will fit most body types with ease.

The work surface can extend, retract and offers flexible support for your forearms and wrists as you work. It is best used with a synchronous chair that offers ideal tilt for optimal comfort.

The trim design is attractive and streamlined, unlike the usual bulky varieties of desks. Minimalist aesthetics are also incorporated into this for very attractive looks.

What is also important here is the spare, clean lines that take up very little space and therefore this desk can be a great option for a home office or even as a student’s desk.


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