Pantry Organizing Tips For Compact Space

In case you need to reorganize your pantry, there are thousands of ideas how to do it, but if you want to free some space and create a compact and comfortable access, here are a few tips how to remodel your pantry.

The most important step in creating spacious pantry is in its whole construction. Nowadays the so called pullout pantries are very modern, for they are great for small apartments or homes.

pantry organizing tips 1

For instance, if your space is too tight, you can link the kitchen and the pantry as you remodel the whole area with kitchen staples. For house with contemporary design, the custom pantry storage is great idea.

Go for tall cabinets and install them as a part of the kitchen remodel. This will surely free more space. Another good idea is the recycled pantry doors. Restore the old French doors and model a tight space near the kitchen, as you provide easier access. In case you are not going to create a new pantry, you will have to reorganize the old one.

pantry organizing tips 2

Surprisingly even the old closet can be a good pantry, if it is close to the kitchen. You can buy some antique closet and place it near the kitchen. Add dome hooks and shelves and paint it in colors that are close to the color of the kitchen.

The experts in the home decoration are advising you to use the pantry as a limited storage. This means to use it only for food and paper goods.

The pantry should be used just as a grocery store, but you should be careful never to place kitchen cleaning products with food and etc in the pantry. Simply limit the pantry to food. Try to group the items by categories: cereals, baking sets, sauces, oil and vinegar, snacks, rice, boxed meal helpers and canned goods.

pantry organizing tips 3

The idea is to get rid of the containers or the plastic bags as you sort anything and place on racks. You can also use sliding baskets, which are a good idea, for they will save some space.

As for the small items such as medicines, vitamins and others place them together in an over-the door-shoe organizer and avoid the plastic boxes or bags.

Another good tip in reorganizing your pantry is to place the important items within sight. The products, which you use the most, should be placed at hand, which will provide easy access to them. Keep a list of the foods in the pantry as you try to keep the order and the organization, so to find what you need easily.


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