The Iconic Marshmallow Sofa – Drama And Utility

When you think of the art deco days back in the 1950’s, you can imagine how the Marshmallow Sofa from designer George Nelson came to be.

Nelson, known to be something of a risk taker, designed an item that was ahead of its times and is considered an iconic classic till date.

iconic marshmallow sofa

The concept includes a union of 18 round cushions – 9 for the seat and 9 for the back rest set to fit on a brushed and tubular steel frame.

These polyurethane Foam/Dacron cushions can be upholstered to suit any kind of lounge setting. They can be monochromatic or vibrantly multi hued.

You can select the colors you want and even how many of them you want incorporated – you can also choose whether you want all of them in the same color or whether you want a multi colored seating option.

When it was first produced, the description of the sofa in the catalogue was thus “Despite its astonishing appearance, this piece is very comfortable.” Decades of satisfied customers would attest to this.

This sofa is not just a design classic that makes a dramatic statement; it can be a functional and fun addition to your living room, a lounge, or lobby.

The marshmallow sofa can be ordered online and color preferences indicated.


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