Retro Furniture – Still In Style For A Cool Home Décor

Nowadays the home design is surely changed. Just some years ago the futurism was all over the modern homes, but recently there is one new wave that is going to rule the home décor- the retro-futurism.

This is a style that combines the best from both interior designs as it includes some futuristic accents, modern comfort and retro furniture. The trend is so popular that even Hollywood stars and celebrities are designing their houses in this way.

retro furniture 1One of the best examples of the retro-futurism is the latest collection of the UntoThisLast. This is a well known brand, especially when it comes to unusual furniture in bright colors.

Their latest collection happens to be an absolute example of the latest design trends. The forms of the furniture are an interesting combination between contemporary style and the good old classic shapes and forms.

There is a tendency for creating vintage atmosphere through pop up colors like bright red or blue. The spheres are now the most modern shapes.

The brand’s latest shelving units represent futuristic styled spheres that form innovative shelving. Each piece of this collection is hand-made as the main materials are wood and glass. Hand-made collections are now more than welcomed, for they represent a guarantee for good quality.

retro furniture 2

There are lots of shops and brands that are offering furniture in retro-style. In case you want something affordable, this is now easy. The online retailers are now researching and finding retro furniture, accessories and lightening as they provide the best combinations related to the retro-futurism style.

Many designers are advising you to create your own retro-futuristic décor as you purchase from the charity shops and the second-hand stores. There you can find gorgeous pieces to insert into your décor.

retro furniture 3Check the Conran Octopus stores, where you will find retro furniture and second hand fabrics and accessories. Another source, which you should consider as important, is eBay. The site is offering plenty of retro furniture, which is now praised as modern.

For instance, you can purchase vintage tables and lamps, which are among the cheapest furniture you can find online. In case you don’t want to go for second-hand furniture, you can always purchase new ones, made for you from the best designers.

The biggest names that can make new retro styled furniture for your home are Arne Jacobsen, Charles and Ray Emes, George Nelson and others. Check for their collections and take some inspirational ideas about your retro interior.


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