Color Plus Details Equals Focused Home Décor

As far as home decorating is concerned, all designers encourage us to play with colors underlining that if we do that, we set a distinctive print and unique patterns in our home and it will be a walk in the park.

If we agree with them and set on a journey of making our house look unique there are a few things we should consider such as paint colors, decoration colors and upholstery.

home decorationWhen picking up a color pattern the first thing you must consider is the light.

For example a house with large windows will look amazing if decorated with darker hues and vintage patterns. Such a house would welcome a cream base of wall paint combined with forest green details on the carpet or muslin curtains for windows in the same color.

The same base can be emphasized by a wall tattoo in burgundy and grey. The style can appear on the cover of the couch or in the details of a spectacular vase placed on the floor.

The most important thing is to let the color details shine and by that make the home look unique.

Another way of playing with colors is fit for larger spaces and moderate light.

If your heart is set on a color and you want the whole room to wear the same print then consider “spreading” the nuances of that particular color all over the room. It is wise to alternate darker with lighter tones and use moderate warm colors as a base.

The masculine print of a room can be also achieved using colors. Tones of grey and contrastive wall paint are the right way to go. Still a sofa can be underlined by royal blue cushions and graphic art or black and white digital photography can be hung on the walls serving as visual changing details.

Family homes are pretty much defined by the living room. This particular place can be made unique by striking colorful details. If warm tones are used then sun yellow accessory or details will make the base tones sparkle. If neutral colors rule in the living room décor, ethnic details like a rug or sculpture as well as rattan furniture details will surely make a difference.

Taupe and ivory mixed together will make your home look classy. Add grey details, wood textures and white walls and you will get the best impression from your guests.

Keep in mind that colors are a good idea but you must never over use them for they are meant to draw attention and not clutter the home space.


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