5 Dont’s in Interior Designing

Interior designing is not everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone undermines it anyway. There are so many things about interior designing everyone should know before engaging in this area. It requires extensive knowledge on the part of the designer, failing which any brilliant idea could turn out to be a blunder in reality.

Since many people become overconfident about interior design, they end up committing and repeating mistakes. In order to guide all the readers and potential interior designers out there, we have consolidated a few common mistakes in interior design that should be avoided under all circumstances.

5 Dont's in Interior Designing

So, without further ado, here are five Don’ts in interior design to take note of:

1. Impulsive instincts

We are all vulnerable to impulsive shopping—this does not mean we say that you deny anything you fall in love with at first sight, but it is always better to examine first before every purchase. You may end up buying something which is useless to your needs.

When you head to a furniture shop, it is always better to have a budget plan beforehand.

Measure the rooms you want to design, assess the size of the furniture accurately, and then determine the budget. Fortunately, there are several online room arrangement utilities available that can be used for free and with convenience.

2. Disdain for help

Well, as mentioned above, many people tend to grow overconfident about interior design, and when somebody suggests them to seek advice from experts, they feel offended and compromised. We say that you should be a little flexible.

When it comes to advise, you should not necessarily stick to an expert opinion, but seek assistance from friends and family to get an idea of fabrics, room arrangements, or colours.

Only if your budget allows, hire an expert interior designer. This class of professionals will give you vital information on interior designing and will make the entire job much easier.

3. About collections and accessories

Interior design features diverse collections and accessories. But, a common mistake in this respect is that we tend to spread around every bit of the collection we have without any uniformity.

It is best that you display collections as per the space requirements and always showcase them in proper arrangements. There is this famous rule—the rule of three—that helps people to group items. Study the tricks about arrangements and put them to good use.

4. Hanging Art

Hanging art is among the favorites in interior design. Everyone loves to showcase their art collection in the most noticeable area of the house, but a major bottleneck how to properly hang art.

The best possible way to prevent mistakes and minimize the number of nail holes to fill is to cut-out all the frames outline on paper. Then tape the cut-outs on the wall, trying out all placement options.

Be a little creative with frames—come out with different sizes, textures, colours, etc. This way your wall will be less damaged and more beautiful.

5. Don’t forget to add character

We get overly excited about modern furnishings and end up buying everything at once. When you do this, you commit a really common mistake—you end up buying everything similar. The result is, of course, a monotonous character without any theme.

Take your time with interior design. You do not have to finish everything off in one or two weeks. Experiment, but do it wisely.


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