5 Essentials Elements Of Traditional Indian Interior Design

Among the most interesting decoration styles is traditional Indian interior design. While it is amazing, it is intricate and complicated in many ways, and that is why if you ever want to decorate your house with some traditional Indian style, you better hire an expert.

It is not easy to understand and appreciate various aspects of traditional Indian interior designing, and thus, we have, in this article, tried to enumerate certain elements which are inseparable to traditional Indian interior design.

5 Essentials Elements Of Traditional Indian Interior Design

So, without further ado, here are five essential elements you should know:

1. Colours

The first element in traditional Indian interior design is bright and different colors. While you may love the idea of a colorful décor, do not go crazy about it and overdo it.

It is highly recommended that you go for earthy tones of colors such as rich browns, burnt oranges, and ochre yellows. Pinks and yellow on the fluorescent side and startling greens and blues can be employed for smaller aspects of the room such as chairs or pillows.

If the aforementioned colors do not suit your taste, you may go for bicolor themes, which is basically using neutral shade as your base color and primary colors for accents.

2. Traditional cabinets

If you want to give out the best of the traditional feels, then you cannot miss out on decorative cabinets.

Traditional cabinets serve an amazing amalgamation of aesthetics and functionality. So, pay special attention to them.

Get brightly painted cabinets, embellished with intricate works involving Ivory, mirrors, stones, metal, beads, etc. Employ them as accents in conjunction with wooden pieces to brighten the mood of the room.

While a casual stroll to a furniture shop will get you enough ideas about traditional cabinets, we recommend that you look up on the Internet and search for traditional furniture specialists.

3. Handicrafts are important!

India is a country which is known for its rich variety of handicrafts—you can find all kinds of handicrafts, from traditional to ultra-modern.

Traditional handicrafts are especially expensive since most of them are hand-made, but they add to the whole traditional setting you so desire.

Famous choices include clay pottery, leather puppets, embellished boxes made of sandalwood or marble, crockery or diyas. You can make use of pots and brass lamps as metallic accents.

4. Paintings and Statuary

Paintings accentuate traditional sentiments, and therefore, you should purchase a couple of them to embellish the interior.

India provides an amazing variety of artistic styles such as the famous Madhubani paintings. If you are running tight on budget, you can get cheap but good-quality paintings from local shops.

We recommend that you purchase a handful of large paintings which will be your centerpieces. In case you have smaller pieces, then make a gallery wall instead.

Also, statutes will help you beautify your home even more. While religious idols are most common, we say you look for other fairly popular choices such as camels, Buddha statutes, turtles, metal figurines, etc.

5. Patterns and Motifs

Patterns and motifs are integral parts of Indian interior design, and these include detailed mandala motifs, nature-based themes, etc.

These patterns and motifs have cultural and religious symbolism and will add richness to the overall décor of the house.


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