5 Decorating Tips for Elder-Friendly Homes

The needs of elderly members of your family are different, but many think they are minimal as compared to those of the younger generations. Well, no, elderly people look forward to residing in a different, more comfortable set-up than before, and hence, there are so many things involved in the making of an elder-friendly home.

In this article, we will explore the best ways to create a very relaxing and fulfilling interior design for elderly family members, and if you implement them carefully and with the help of expert guidance, then you can make the elderly really happy.

5 Decorating Tips for Elder-Friendly Homes

So, without further ado, here are five tips to make an elderly-friendly home:

1. Slip Resistant Floors

Safety is paramount when it comes to making an elderly-friendly home, and one of the ways to ensure it is by coming up with slip resistant floors.

One of the common risks among elderly is fall, and therefore, it is highly recommended you change the titles with anti-skid flooring. These titles offer requisite texture to ensure that your elderly parents do not fall and injure themselves.

Anti-skid tiles may be relatively expensive, but that does not even matter when it comes to family welfare.

2. Lots and lots of lights

With age, elderly people usually suffer from weak eyesight, and this increases the risks of accidents. Design your home in such a manner so as to enable inflow of maximum natural light. Moreover, install bedside lights with switches within their reach.

Make sure the room is properly ventilated and spacious, and there are no dark corners in your home.

If you cannot afford to install too many lights around the house, make sure you have installed enough in the rooms of your elderly parents and in all the common areas of the house.

3. Easy hardware

Everything in your house should deliver convenience, especially to your elderly family members. There are many ways to ensure that—substituting doorknobs with easy lever-styled handles, installation of bigger drawer knobs wherever possible.

We advise you to not install too many metal handles as they may be painful for elderly people. The mantra should be to install that kind of hardware which is smooth and functions with minimal effort.

4. Safe walkways

As stated earlier, safety attains paramount consideration when designing your home.

Install safe walkways—avoid cramped areas fitted with a lot of furniture. Invest in furniture which occupy minimal space and do not obstruct the path.

In case your parents use a walking stick or a walker, get rid of bedroom floors of all the carpets or rugs, if not they are tautly fastened to the floor.

5. Tall Beds

Select a bed with a modest height for an elderly room. The height factor makes it convenient for them to get on and off the bed. A bed with a height of about 25 inches will do since it will allow the feet of the parents to easily touch the floor.

When buying furniture, keep in mind the stature of your parent so that you end up making a good choice.


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