8 Ways to Save Space in Your Interiors

If your home isn’t big enough and neither your pocket to afford a big one, then here are a few interior decoration hacks and advices to make your room seem effectively more spacious and use the available space more efficiently.

1. Use the staircase space

Seen the Harry Potter movies? Seen how he lives at his Uncle and Aunt’s place? Well? What do you think of it? No, I am not asking you to move into a room attached to the lower-side of the staircase. But you can always use a room there or a sort of storage cupboard to hoard your winter garments, blankets and mattresses during summertime.

8 Ways to Save Space in Your Interiors

2. A door cum bookshelf

Replace your bedroom door with a bookshelf with hinges that serves as a door and holds your books as well. Make sure that the shelf has a sliding door of transparent fibre plastic that’s not too heavy so that it can be easily used as a door to your room. Refurbish the closet according to your choice.

3. A sofa-cum-bed

This serves as a sofa to sit and a bed to sleep on, all in one. Get one of these fitted into your drawing room as an all-purpose bed when your guests choose to stay in.

4. Shelve the walls

Bookshelves that span the entire wall of your bedroom and reach up to the ceiling is a fun way to keep your huge collection of books, without taking up floor space or cluttering tables and furniture tops. Shelve the walls in your kitchen to store the kitchen supplies without having to occupy the limited floor space in the kitchen with cupboards and closets. This leaves enough free space and is cost-effective as well.

5. Foldable furniture

Almost every essential piece of furniture is available in foldable forms that can be popped out of sight and into a corner of the room when not in use. There are beds that can be folded in half into a flattened piece of furniture and slid into space beside the refrigerator. There are foldable chairs that come with hinges and can be folded in half and stowed away anywhere convenient in the room. These pieces of foldable furniture serve every purpose without consuming floor space in your rooms.

6. Pictures and storage for jewellery

Stash away your trinkets and treasures in a space built with the wall and cover the space with a painting hanging from right above it by a hook. This helps to decorate the walls in your room and serves as an extra storage space out of nowhere.

7. Shelf with furniture fittings

These are specially constructed shelves that come with chairs and tables neatly wedged in between the racks and walls of the shelves. Pull out the chairs when need and put them back in when you are done. This prevents space consumption and serves the purposes of storage and seating arrangement.

8. Corner racks and ledges

Fit wooden racks and ledges at any convenient corner of the house to store stuff that is making the cupboards and cabinets overflow and spill.


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