Year of the Horse Theme Decoration

The horse is a symbol of energy and warm-heart in the Chinese astrology. The current year being the year of the wooden horse brings in a new décor theme for those who like to keep thinks changing. The horse motifs are the new trend in case you want to try adding a touch of Chinese good fortune to your home décor.

Year of the Horse Theme Decoration

There is a range of décor items available not only in Chinese specialty shops but also at stores dealing with trendy décor items.  The horse theme can be adapted using items that can decorate the wall or a center table and but they can be added to entire rooms depending on how eclectic is your taste.

Soft Toys

Horse soft toys are hugely popular this year. They are an easy way to include the horse theme in the décor without having to go out of the way. These softies are popular with children and many adults who want to collect all the Chinese zodiac tokens by buying one animal every year. Such items are available in many color combinations and different designs.


Unique photographs portraying the horse are other popular choices. Display photographs in varying sizes on the wall or on the side table to create a point of conversation or go for a single large-scale photograph that dominates the wall.

Wall Murals

Wall murals

The horse theme is a wonderful way to bring in the nature. These hardworking animals look beautiful in the middle of nature when used as wall murals to create a spectacular view. They can be used on closet doors or screens.


Horse sculptures in emboss or bass relief style, using monochromatic color schemes are interesting art objects to emphasize the horse theme.


Horses carved in stone or metal are a beautiful addition to the décor of a living room or a reading room. These majestic animals add ethereal beauty  especially if integrated in a country style décor.

Paper Cuts

Chinese paper cutting is an art form popular across the globe. Beautiful cuttings are easily available to provide a horse themed decoration to the home . Stencils are also available and easy to download from the web.


Horse themed jigsaw and 3 d puzzles are hugely popular too. They challenge the brain and when finished are beautiful art pieces for decoration, you can proudly display.



Horse themed mugs are a great way to bring this year’s zodiac animal into the kitchen. Available in a range of colors and designs the mugs can add a splash of color to the decoration.


Creative horse themed penholders are a great touch to the work or study table. They are an easy way to personalize the workspace with the trending décor theme.


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