Transform Your Living Room with Accessories

Getting a new living room every year may turn out to be an expensive affair, not to mention the time and effort involved. By changing a few accessories you can get a new feel to the old living room. Here are 10 ways you can use accessories to reinvent your living room and transform it into new.

1. Think Seasonal

Think Seasonal

Decorating your living room with seasonal elements is a great idea. Things like white pottery and blooms from the garden bring the spring season into your home. The trick is to display them at different levels so that each arrangement is seen distinctly.

2. Place Stools

Place Stools

Fire place is an ideal place to display your decorative pieces. So it is only apt to include a stool next to the table. Make sure that it grabs attention. It could be an antique wooden piece with intricate carvings on it or just a wrought iron stool adorned with a fancy cushion for seating. Either which way, a stool will add utility to the décor.

3. Introduce a Rug

Introduce a Rug

Place a rug in the center of the living room and see the magic unfold. You can design a whole room with the rug as the centre piece. So lay the foundation right and accessorize accordingly.

4. Design with Pillows

Use different sized pillows and cushions to enhance the look of your seating arrangements. Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes and textures to create gradient. The results will be striking and can give an instant makeover to your living room.

5. Mix and Match

Mix and Match

When decorating your living room it is important to not stuff all your interior decoration ideas at once. Have different layouts and schemes and use them from time to time. This will prevent boredom from creeping into the lively space of your house.

6. Power of Multiplicity

 Power of Multiplicity

Sometimes more is better. Try including more of the same décor item. For instance, make it two candles instead of one. Two mirrors or and two cushions in place of one. This will give a grander look to the whole set up.

7. Arrange Similar Objects

Organize the accessories of your living room to complement each other. Keep in mind that similar colors, patterns and categories of items are grouped together. This will keep the décor from getting mismatched and more appealing to the eye.

8. Display Art

Living rooms are the right places to display your art collection. It need not be an expensive work by a renowned designer. A work of art brings in an element of intrigue and also shows your taste for art forms.

9. Use Artsy Table Accessories

Many a time we use the living room to entertain our guests with a snack. In such times it would make sense to include napkin holders as well. It will do you good to choose something from the decorative cutlery range so that it serves utility and at the same time does not disturb the aesthetics of the room.

10. Affordable Accessories

Affordable Accessories

Decoration does not mean hefty spending. It is about good sense of color, coordination and arrangement. Even simple things such as fresh fruits and flowers from your garden can be utilized tactfully to decorate your living room. Affordable acccessories challenge your creativity and have a feel good factor as well.


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