Best Wall Paper Ideas for 2013

Liven up your bare walls with trendy and contemporary wallpaper designs. Made from best quality material, these 10 lovely designs will bring charm and beauty into any living space.

1. Fusion


Traditional patterns will always be in vogue. Combining these designs with contemporary colors gives a completely new feel to it. Pick your wall paper from Thibaut the oldest wall paper manufacturer in USA is restructuring its old designs in a new format.

2. Woven Walls

Woven Walls

If you want to combine texture and eco-friendly then woven paper is the best option. Jute wall coverings are the latest in eco-friendly wall designs. They come in a variety of texture and color options. Take a look at designs from twenty2.

3. Striped Paper

If contemporary is your style then striped wall papers are sure to catch your attention. The dual tone stripes give a 3D feel to the setting and go well with the contemporary layout of your interiors.

4. Glass Paper

Glass Paper

Latest technology in wall paper is the inclusion of micro glass beads into wallpaper. This makes the paper glow and give the appearance and sheen of paint. Have a look at flexible glass bead wall papers from Bedazzled.

5. Dual Tone

Metallic-tinged wallpaper is one of the latest in wall interior technology. The wallpaper gives the feel of gradient top down both in color and sheen. Order your design from ROMO.

 6. Gilded Cloth

Use of metals to give a silver and gold appearance to your walls is the latest word in wall fashion. Choose the right wallpaper for your interiors at Mayaromanoff.

7. Digital Prints

Using customized photographs from famed artists to create digital prints is very common these days. Warping them and utilizing to make wallpapers is however a novel concept. Available at

8. Hand Painted

Tapping on fine arts as a medium for creating hand-painted wallpaper is a great way to encourage artists. Porterteleo has achieved just that by introducing the whole new range of hand-painted papers in cadmium medium with various geometric and abstract designs.

9. Vintage Prints

Yorkwall has been a pioneer in wallpapers since 1895 and has a collection of vintage prints in its repertoire of designs. They have brought out these vintage prints in fresh royal colors and metallic combinations befitting a palace. Check them out at

10. Outdoor Wallpaper

Outdoor Wallpaper

If you were under the impression that wallpapers are for indoors only then take at look at these stunning outdoor wallpapers from Susan Bradley. Available in hundreds of patterns these will definitely wow the people who step into your abode.


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