Useful Tips to Care for Laminate Flooring

There are a lot of advantages of laminate flooring, such as being durable, easy to maintain, beautiful, and long lasting. If you take care of your laminate floors, they will reward you with many years of pleasure and utility. There are some tips you could use to take good care of the floors.

laminate flooring

Scratch Resistant

It is a known fact that laminate floors are known to be scratch resistant, but they are not scratch proof, which means that you should always lift instead of dragging. If you have to carry heavy items inside your home you should use lift or use special indoor carriers.

Floor and Furniture

You should make sure that the furniture and the floor can coexist. It is a good idea to use pads or casters to protect the floor against the damage that the furniture may cause. It is also a good idea to reposition the furniture from time to time.


If the humidity and the temperature vary greatly from one period to the other, this could result in gaps at the joints or in buckling. If you live in a region where the humidity varies, you might want to invest in a humidifier so that you will have the same humidity level all year.

Keeping the Floor Dry

It is important to keep the floors dry. If any liquid or fluid gets on them you should clean it up as soon as possible. This is because the moisture can reach the joints and it can lead to long term damage of the wood.


If you buy high quality laminate floors, like the ones you can find at Arnold Laver, you shouldn’t have problems with stains. However, if something gets on the floor you should use a soft cloth to clean it up. If there is something hard stuck to the floor like wax or dried food, make sure that you use a rubber spatula.


The floors need to be kept clean on a regular basis. You can do so by sweeping, vacuuming, or dust moping. In case you would like to clean the floors more thoroughly, you should check the recommendations of the manufacturer.

In the majority of the cases you receive warranty for the floors, but you lose the warranty if you use other products for cleaning than the ones specified by the manufacturer.

It’s not difficult to care for laminate floors, but there are some rules you should not forget about.

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