All you Need to Know about Ghost Chairs

Although it might sound scary, more and more people opt for buying ghost chairs. A ghost chair is a chair made of a transparent material that offers an almost-there appearance, just like an apparition or ghost. The most common material used is Lucite, which is transparent, durable, and relatively inexpensive.

ghost chairs


The good thing about the ghost chairs is that they come in many different forms and shapes. Since the material is thermoplastic, it is easy to create different models as well. In the majority of the cases their come with broad surfaces with smooth textures to make the transparency even more enhanced.

To see or not to see?

Some of the manufacturers focus on creating almost invisible chairs by making them as transparent as possible. On the other hand, other manufacturers choose to add colors to the chairs to add a more modern touch to the design and to offer the possibility of mixing and matching.


Contrary to what some people might think glass is never used for creating ghost chairs because it is brittle and it can shatter or crack. Lucite is shatter resistant which means that it can be used in more harsh environments, such as outdoors.

Caring for Ghost Chairs

The good thing about Lucite is that it is easy to maintain. All you have to do is to wipe the chair with a damp towel or wash it with the hose. Water can’t damage the material and in the majority of the cases it is also resistant to the damages caused by the sun. It is possible that after a while the transparency of the chair will fade a bit, but if you take good care of it, it will still keep the ghostly appearance.

Other Ghost Objects

Some of the manufacturers also offer other pieces of furniture made of Lucite, such as desks, footstools, or tables. Since it is easy to mold plastic, many different kinds of furniture pieces can be created. These, just like the chairs have different forms and designs and they can also be tinted. If you are interested in the different colors, you should take a look at MDM Furniture.

Modern Furniture

The majority of the modern furniture will come with clean lines and smooth surfaces. The traditional pieces usually feature straight lines. For a modern spin you might want to consider the chairs that come with tinted plastic in the back which look like the backbone of the chair.

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